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File:Samuel Rawson Gardiner.jpg|thumb|Samuel Rawson Gardiner, National Portrait Gallery '''Samuel Rawson Gardiner''' (4 March 1829 near New Alresford|Alresford, Hampshire– 24 February 1902 in Sevenoaks) was an English historian, who specialized in 17th-century English history, and is regarded as the foremost historian of the Puritan revolution and the English Civil War. English historian John Morrill (historian)|John Morrill (b. 1946) says: :Gardiner was a brilliant historian, who tested the veracity, accuracy, and biases of every source and picked his way through the evidence with a care and clarity of exposition which brooks no equal for this or any other period.John Morrill, "Protectorate of Cromwell," in David Loades, ed., ''Reader's Guide to British History'' (2003) 2:1074
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